Yarok has conceived and adopted a new biotechnological approach in fast diagnostics:

Detection of  Intracellular Metabolism of the Specific Target Bacterium.  

The new approach led Yarok to develop a breakthrough new technology, the only one able today to give better answers to the food industry’s specific requirements. 

New approach | new outcome


Identification and count of microorganisms by digital measurements and analysis of specifically activated intracellular metabolism levels in the recovered individual cell.


Unlike existing testing methodologies that forensically look for “signs” that bacteria are present, Yarok Microbio directly and specifically identifies the intra-cellular metabolic activity of the live target bacterium.

Yarok's new fast testing technology provides better answers to the food industry's specific requirements:

In terms of required speed: 

  • Current "rapid" technologies require the presence of large quantities of detectable molecules that indicate the presence of possible microbes. 

    • Yarok detects and identifies individual microbial cells, directly. 

  • Current "rapid" technologies require time-consuming pre-incubations. 

    • Yarok does not.

In terms of required accuracy

(probability of False+ or False-):

  • Current "rapid"technologies detect both recovered (dangerous) and un-recovered (not dangerous) cells. 

    • Yarok detects only recovered (live and dangerous) cells. 



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* Option for intermediate results: Presence and Non-Conformity may be assessed even faster.


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