Yarok Microbio Ltd. is an innovation-based start-up that has developed a fast microbiological testing system for the fresh food industry to protect consumers and safeguard producer interests.


Yarok Microbio is introducing an entirely novel and proprietary biotechnological approach to pathogen testing addressing all major food categories (fresh produce, dairy, fish, meat, poultry, etc.), as well as production environment control. 

Yarok Microbio’s breakthrough technology platform is the basis for tests that, for the first time, can be conducted in virtually any lab by staff with basic lab skills – providing both highly reliable  and remarkably rapid results.

Yarok Microbio greatly enhances the safety of the food that we consume, while streamlining food production costs and dramatically reducing expensive food recalls. 

Based on the IP of Dr. Vladimir Glukhman, PhD., Yarok developed in its laboratory a system for fast detection and count of dangerous bacteria in fruits and Vegetables.


Yarok is based in Jerusalem, Israel, with laboratory facilities in Jerusalem and Bergamo, Italy.


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Jonathan Sierra, 
CEO & Founder

Dr. Vladimir Glukhman, PhD
CSO, Founder

Rachel Neiman

mailing address

Yarok Microbio, Ltd.

P.O.B 7947

Jerusalem 91079, Israel 

HQ & R&D

Yarok Microbio, Ltd.
Minrav Building
Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem
Jerusalem, Israel

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